Outlook Sync for OX

In cooperation with the CalDav Synchronizer developers FUAGO presents OSfO, the Microsoft Outlook Plugin to easily synchronize CalDav and CardDav data.


With Outlook Sync for OX you’ll get a reliable plugin, which supports the synchronization between OX App Suite and Microsoft Outlook. OSfO is easy to install and comes with a dedicated OX profile and support. Other than the Caldavsynchronizer Community Edition you’ll save a lot of time with setup and benefit from exclusive synchronization features, which are only available in OSfO.

  • Predefined profile configurations
  • Synchronization of OX App Suite distribution lists
  • Support


We constantly improve and add new features to OSfO.

Currently on the Roadmap:

  • Attachments for appointments
  • Attachments for tasks
  • Administration interface
  • Centralized roll out features


Get in contact with our sales team to get more information about OSfO.

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